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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Koraput Dairy?

Ans: Koraput Dairy has been into Hi-tech Dairy Farming Since 2011. We are associated with GEA, Germany for the machinery & technology and we are using their 100 Plus Years of Experience in our Dairy Farm. The Farm is Equipped with – Herring Bone Milking Parlor, RF Id’s, Leg Rescounters, herd management system, Bulk Milk Coolers and milk Packaging unit & we are capable of managing large number of cows, heifers and calves with the help of our state of the art infrastructure.

2. How long will be the agreement period?

Ans: 5 Years/ 60 Months.

3. Can I terminate the contract before 5 years?

Ans: You can exit/terminate the contract at the end of every year (i.e. 1st year/2nd year/3rd year/4th year) before renewal of the insurance.

4. What will be the procedure to exit/terminate the contract?

Ans: The member/owner has to give a written application citing a valid reason.

5. Is there any additional charges/hidden cost for the membership?

Ans: No, only one time ownership/ membership fees/ cost i.e. 90,000/- only per cow.

6. Can I own more than one cow?

Ans: Yes, you can own more than one cow depending upon the availability of slots at Koraput Dairy.

7. Is there any risk/ loss in this program?

Ans: No there is no risk of losing your investment as it will be in the form of a cow which will be 100% insured against loss of life.

8. Shall I be the owner of the calves, along with the cow?

Ans: No, the ownership/membership will only be limited to the cow. Hence all the calves (male/female) will be the sole property of Koraput Dairy.

9. What will happen to my cow after the end of the agreement?

Ans: The cow will remain with Koraput Dairy & will be taken care by the company at our own expenses & your investment i.e. 90,000/- will be paid back to you.

10. How often can I visit to see my cows?

Ans: At any point of time throughout the year i.e. 365 days you can visit the farm to see the cows.

11. What will be the mode of repayment?

Ans: The mode of repayment as per the requirement of the member (Online Transfer/ Cheque/Cash/ DD).

12. Are there any loyalty benefits for the existing members?

Ans: Yes, at the completion of a successful 5 years term, 25% of loyalty discount will be given to the existing members.